• WP1 - Coordination

    D.1.1 – Living work plan and risk register established

    For efficient management of the project and to ensure that the project adheres to its deliverable and timeline, a living work plan has been established. This plan includes documents to be monthly updated containing the project timeline for tasks and deliverables. A risk register has also been established and will be updated with the same interval. This constitutes D1.1 Living work plan and risk register established.

  • WP4 - Diagnosis of MEA Limitations

    D.4.1 – Document detailing testing used to parameterise FFC - PDF

    This document outlines the experimental protocols to be used throughout the CAMELOT project. Detailed descriptions of various ex-situ techniques used to characterise the electrochemical properties of the catalyst and physical properties of the electrode layers, in-situ techniques for the electrochemical characterisation of the membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), as well as experimental conditions and procedures are provided. The protocols outlined in this report will serve to parameterise state-of-the-art PEMFCs, thus providing valuable input for improving future iterations of the open-sourced Fast-FC™ model and ultimately leading to a better understanding of the fundamental transport phenomena within low temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells.

  • WP6 - Dissemination and Communication

    D.6.1 – Project Website - PDF

    The CAMELOT project website is designed to fulfil project communication and dissemination needs for the benefit of the whole scientific community and the public through relevant information including:

    • project overall objectives, partner & work packages information
    • project activities: news, meetings
    • project progress: technical publications, conference presentations, public domain reports
    • project resources: links, related events …
    • project contact information

    All the partners will collectively participate in the dissemination objective of the website by providing up-to-date information.

    D.6.2 – Dissemination and knowledge management protocol

    This report presents the dissemination protocol for the CAMELOT project, the procedure for “Open Access” to peer reviewed research articles, internal rules, information on support from the EU members and the strategy for Knowledge Management within the project.

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